Gases, refrigerants and cylinders

With regulation changing constantly, shipowners are faced with an onerous task as they work to ensure that potentially dangerous substances are used, stored and disposed of safely and in an environmentally sound manner. WSS has the world’s largest dedicated network of marine refrigerant, gases and cylinder technicians, all of whom understand regulation and work in partnership with you to recommend the most suitable course of action. Our product range includes gases, span gases, refrigerants, regulators and gas distribution systems. All products are supported by WSS’s unrivalled global network, specially trained technicians and 24/7 service support.


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1.  Acetylene
2. Oxygen
3. Nitrogen
4. Cruise gas
5. Breathing oxygen
6. Argon
7. CO2
8. Helium


1.  Regulators overview
2. Regulators for Argon/CO2
3. Regulators for Helium
4. Regulators for Nitrogen
5. Regulators Medox
6. Regulators Propane
7. Regulators for spangas


1. Hycool marine
2. R-134a
3. R-22
4. R-404A
5. R-407C
6. R-407F
7. R-410A
8. R-417A
9. R-422D
10. R-427A
11. R-507
12. Refrigerant recovery cylinders


1. Nitrogen mixtures
2. Disposables
3. LEL mixtures

Gas distribution system

1. Complete installations for Ox/Ac
2. Cylinder racks
3. Gas cylinder cabinets
4. High pressure components
5. Low pressure components
6. Outlet station
7. Shielding gas installations

Arc Welding Equipment

1.Arc welding/cutting machines
2.Cables and Connectors
3.Stick electrode arc accessories
4.TIG Welding Accessories
5.Wire Welding Accessories
6.Shielding gas accessories
7.Plasma cutting accessories
8.Current distribution system
9.Welder’s Protection
10.Welder’s Tools

Gas Welding, Brazing & Cutting

1.Gas Cylinder Regulators and Flashback Arrestors
2.Gas Hoses and Couplings
3.Gas welders accessories
4.Welding, Brazing & Cutting Torch
5.Transportable Gas Welding Equipment
6.Gas Welding Cabinet
7.Gas Welding and Brazing Consumables

Arc Welding Consumables and Storing

1.Coated Stick Electrodes
2.Electrode Storing Cabinets
3.Arc Welding Wires
4.TIG Welding Rods and Fluxes

Refrigeration equipment

Our range of refrigeration equipment , lubricants, package equipment, system equipment and tools are designed to work together with WSS’s range of gases, refrigerants and cylinders and have been formulated to meet local and international regulation whilst protecting operational costs and promoting positive environmental practises.

Refrigeration equipment
1.System Equipment & Spares
3.Package Equipment

Cold Repair System

1.Cold Repair Polymer Compounds

Welding Handbook

1.Unitor Welding Handbook

Paint Spraying

Our range of paint spraying equipment spares and accessories allow efficient completion of onboard painting tasks, no matter how big or small the job. All products are available across WSS’s extensive global network and come complete with our 24/7 service guarantee.

Accessories, Consumables & Spares

1.Accessories for Airless Paint Spraying Equipment
2.Consumables for Airless Paint Spraying Unit
3.Repair Kits and Spare Parts for Airless Paint Spraying Equipment


Onboard maintenance engineers are faced with a huge variety of different base materials and repairs that often have to take place under challenging conditions. WSS’s range of highly efficient welding solutions represents a compact but complete solution to on board processes for welding and related applications. This includes equipment, consumables and storage solutions for all relevant arc and gas welding and cutting processes, and also cold repair solutions where hot work applications cannot be used. WSS’s range of products for welding is supported by the most comprehensive Handbook for Maritime welders, WSS approved Unitor brand welding training at a number of Maritime Training centres, specialist technicians, a global service network, 24/7 service support and an ongoing programme of enhancements and new product development.

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